You’ll Never Guess What Someone Found In This Industrial Dryer

Written by David Myers on

A man searches for something in a dryer

Source: Ryan McGuire

If you have ever seen a cat with kittens, you always imagine that they were born somewhere comfortable. However, these kittens were born inside an industrial tumble dryer, right in the midst of potentially toxic chemical fumes.

The litter of four kittens was found when the owner of the dry cleaner in Forest Gate of East London heard meows from the back of one of these large machines. The back of the machine was then taken apart, and the kittens were found cuddling up with one another. What appears to have happened is that the mother, a ginger cat who had been abandoned, crawled into the nearest place that she could find that was dry and warm and gave birth to her litter there.

The kittens, along with their mother, ended up being rescued by Celia Hammond, who is the head of the Celia Hammond Animal Trust. According to Ms. Hammond, the kittens had a strong stench of urine and were sitting in the presence of dangerous carbon tetra-chloride fumes that made it very important to get them out of there as soon as possible.

The mother cat was waiting outside the back door of the dry cleaners’, and she was reunited with her young before Ms. Hammond took all of the felines to the vet.

There is a happy ending to the story – the family of felines has been rehomed. The kittens are now all living in new homes, and the mother cat has been brought back to her family.