This Odd Shaped Cheetos Contest Gives You Every Excuse To Play With Your Food

Written by Barry Lee on
Cheetohs Contest
Source: USA Today

Hold on to your appetites, friends. This is a cheesy event of epic proportions! Excellent news for those of us who enjoy playing with our food, the well-known Online Cheetos Museum is officially holding a contest that could earn you hundreds of thousands in cash! Does this sound too good to be true? Keep Reading.

Contest Details

For the majority of the summer, participants in the contest will have a chance to upload their favorite oddly shaped Cheetos. Moreover, imagination is essential as it helps to be able to identify these oddly shaped Cheetos and name them is what makes the contest so much fun. So far, the contest has received submissions that include the likes of Abraham Lincoln and even the Loch Ness Monster. Open until August 15, users are able to upload pictures of their favorite oddly shaped Cheetos for a chance to win their share of $250,000 cash. With plenty of chances to win, 10 winners will be chosen in order to split this massive amount of prize money. Which is nothing to sneeze at, considering the fact that all one needs to do is purchase their favorite snack in order to enter.

Overall, a contest for those who have a great attention to details as well as an active imagination, enter this contest for your chance to win big and have an excuse to eat one of your favorite snacks and have some fun to boot.