6 Theories About What Happens To You Inside A Black Hole

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Black Hole
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Black holes are like that one time when you got too drunk in the middle of the night and you wake up the next day and find broken plates, a llama in your living room, and three fully cooked pizzas on the ceiling, they’re an enigma that people can try to piece together but don’t know for sure what really happened.

There are many different theories on what happens to someone when they reach the grasp of a black hole. They’ve only been seen from afar swallowing up stars and nearby planets, but nobody knows what is at the other end. Scientists can only speculate what really happens…

Nothing Significant

Black Hole in Interstellar

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Incinerated Black Hole

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Black Hole

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Fade Away

Black Hole Fade Away

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Time Distortion

Time Distortion

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End Up In Another Universe

Parallel Universe

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