10 Superheroes & Villains With The Stupidest Powers

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2. Paste-Pot Pete (The Trapster)

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Not to be confused with Gluestick-Glenn.

A strong contender for “worst super-villain name.” Paste-Pot Pete began his life as Peter Petruski, a research chemist in New York. He inadvertently created a super-strong adhesive, and that is all it took to convince him to choose a life of crime.

(Thank God that the man who created Super Glue didn’t go this way!) Somehow he created a type of gun that could shoot this liquid (leaving us to wonder why it didn’t get stuck in the gun) and became Paste-Pot-Pete.

He first appeared in Marvel’s Strange Tales in 1963. We’d like to see him in a battle with WD-40 Man. He later changed his name to The Trapster. It was probably the best decision of his evil career.

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