10 Favorite Childhood Movies That Will Make You Cry

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Stitch crying in the rain
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Some childhood films have very dark beginnings, middles, and ends. For many of us, watching these films in theaters was almost embarrassing because be bawled our eyes out. Here are the top 10 saddest moments in childhood movies.

Spoiler alert, a lot of people pass in these films.

1. The Lion King
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When Mufasa is taken out in a stampede.

The young cub who is all to eager to become king is scarred forever when his uncle stages a stampede that was meant to take the both of them. Simba didn’t know that Scar was the one responsible his father and run away from the traumatic experience. It isn’t until his childhood friend finds him that he decides to go back home and face his issues head on.

2. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

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The incinerator scene and the ending.

If you grew up in the 90s you probably fell in love with Woody, Buzz and the rest of the cast from Toy Story. They survived the crazed Sid in the first film, got back home when they were stolen by a toy collector, and probably were just as horrified at the incinerator scene as the rest of us.

Woody, Buzz, and several others are trapped. You see Bullseye frantically trying to get himself out before Jessie reaches out to hold him. The toys all look into each others eyes, hold hands, and prepare for the end. How could you toy with our emotions like this Disney?!  But that wasn’t the end of it.

The ending when Andy hands over his beloved toys and drives off, you knew it was going to be the end of the Toy Story series, forever.

“So long, partner.”

3. Up!

Ellie Dies In Up

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Carl Fredricksen’s wife passes.

It wasn’t even 30 minutes into the movie before Disney pulls on your heartstrings. A shy boy ends falling in love with an outgoing girl named Ellie. “Adventure is out there,” and the two were supposed to go on one. Over the years they grow up, get married, and struggle to have children. Eventually, Ellie Fredricksen becomes sick.

4. Beauty & The Beast

Belle Thinks The Beast Is Dead

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When Belle thinks the Beast won’t survive.

From the very beginning of the film you connect with Belle, an odd out of place girl in a small town. We’ve all felt like the odd one out in our life at one point. Her father is captured by a monster and she goes to try and rescue him. She trades places with her father and becomes imprisoned by the Beast. Over the following days her hatred for the Beast becomes intrigue and eventually love. Both of them begin to open up to one another but then tragedy strikes.

5. The Land Before Time

Littlefoot's mother dies

Littlefoot’s mother passes.

Littlefoot’s egg begins to hatch at the beginning of the film, and you see as his mother nurtures and takes care of the young boy. The two get separated after an battle with Sharptooth and he discovers his mother laying on the ground, and she can barely hold her head up. She asks if he still remembers the way to the great valley, and he says he does. He tries to get her to get up but she collapses on herself.

“It is nobody’s fault, the great circle of life has begun.”

6. Pokemon: The First Movie

Pikachu Crying

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Pikachu tries resurrecting Ash.

After an epic battle between Mew and Mewtwo, Ash tries to get the two legendary Pokemon from fighting. He gets caught in the crossfire and is turned to stone. Pikachu frantically tries to shock him back to life but to no avail.

7. Bambi

Bambi's Mother Died

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When Bambi’s mother passes.

After a long winter, Bambi’s mother shows him new spring grass, but the music suddenly changes. They can sense something is stalking them, and they quickly run for the thicket.

“Faster Bambi! Faster!”

You see Bambi makes it back, but his mother is nowhere to be found.

8. Wall-E

Wall-E holding hands with Eve

Wall-E gets rebooted.

If robots could fall in love, this was the one Disney movie that helped prove it. Who could forget the act of heroism when Wall-E saves the day but is crushed. Eve desperately tries to save him. Getting all the parts, recharging his battery, and putting him back together. It seemed like he didn’t even remember her.

9. The Fox & The Hound

Fox & The Hound Ending

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When Widow Tweed leaves the Tod.

The young orphaned fox was rescued by Widow Tweed. She grew to truly love him and they take a long ride. She gives him one long, lingering hug before she leaves him in the forest.

“Goodbye may seem forever.”

10. Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

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When Shadow’s stuck in the mud.

The old timer dog, the sassy cat, and the young pup set off on a journey to get back home and reunite with their family. They were chased by mountain lions, animal control, and even got whacked by a porcupine. We all know that as dog’s get older, their bodies can’t keep up.

Who could forget the moment when Shadow got stuck in the mud and was too old and tired to pull himself out of it?