10 Deleted Scenes From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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Finn And Rey - Deleted Scene (1)

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

A lot of footage ends up getting cut out or replaced in films because there isn’t enough time or it isn’t important enough to be kept in the film. These deleted scenes end up becoming things that diehard fans want to get their hands on.

In the book, Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary, has concept art, script lines, or movie stills of everything that got left out of the film and goes into more detail the characters, droids, aliens and creatures from the movie. Here are some major scenes that were left out and you should know about for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

1. Maz

Maz - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Uses the force.

Maz Kanata originally had Force powers. During the First Order’s advance on the castle, Maz uses her abilities to cause a ceiling to cave in on a group of Stormtroopers who cornered them. Han was supposed to stall them while she concentrated. Han rats out Finn, and reveals that he knows Finn wasn’t in the Resistance.

2. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Finds the Millennium Falcon.

Kylo Ren senses Han Solo and goes to investigate. Snowtroopers and Kylo Ren board the Millennium Falcon and no one is on board. He goes into the cockpit of the ship and has an emotional moment remembering his childhood with his father.

3. Han Solo

Han Solo - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Puts up his dice.

When Han Solo and Chewbacca get the Millennium Falco back, he steps into the cockpit and hangs a golden set of dice. The dice are from the “Cornelian Spike”, a game of sabacc that he won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian.

4. Leia

General Leia - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Has a motherly conversation with Rey.

Originally General Leia has a much longer discussion before saying “May the Force be with you.”

“I’m proud of what you’re about to do,” she told the girl. Rey replied in all seriousness. “But you’re also afraid. In sending me away, you’re—reminded.” Leia straightened. “You won’t share the fate of our son.” “I know what we’re doing is right. This is how it has to be. This is how it should be.” Leia smiled gently, reassuringly. “I know it, too. May the Force be with you.”

5. Unkar Plutt

Unkar Plutt

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Confronts Rey.

Unkar Plutt, the Jakku junk buyer follows Rey to Maz’s castle and confronts her about stealing the Millennium Falcon.

He smiled. It did not improve his appearance. “The ship you stole. The Millennium Falcon. You can’t really track a ship while it’s in hyperspace — but when it emerges, and particularly after it sets down somewhere, there are ways. Expensive, but in the case of valuable property, often worth it. Definitely worth it in the case of the Falcon. It happens to be fitted with a covert Imperial homing device. Old technology, but still quite functional. To which my presence here can attest. “Didn’t take much to get the necessary relays working.” No one in the hall was paying them the least attention, she noticed worriedly. In a place where everyone minded their own business, she found herself wishing fervently for someone to butt in. She twisted defiantly in Plutt’s grasp. “I suggest. Kindly. That you let go of me. Now.” Despite her attempts to pull away, he drew her steadily closer. She could not avoid the fact that his breath was a suitably aromatic match for his visage. “I suggest, less kindly, that you come quietly with me. Otherwise we’ll begin right here, where you can provide some entertainment for this galactic rubbish.” Putting his face so close to hers that they were almost touching, he lowered his voice. “I’m gonna make you and that wearisome droid pay for what you’ve done.”

Chewbacca then comes to Rey’s rescue:

Grabbing the thrusting arm, a roaring Chewbacca twisted and ripped it off at the shoulder, throwing the dismembered limb clear across the room. Looking down at himself, Plutt let out a scream of agony as his underlings hurriedly fell back. The arm landed on a table where a group of four-armed, long-snouted Culisettos was gambling. With an annoyed huff, one of them picked up the amputated limb and absently tossed it aside, allowing the game to resume.

6. Maz

Maz - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Talks to General Leia.

After Maz’s castle is destroyed. She joins the resistance and talks to General Leia. The shot from the trailer comes from Maz handing the lightsaber to her, but because J.J. Abrams didn’t see Maz having much to do in the future of the story he cut it out.

7. Rey And Finn

Finn And Rey - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary

Steal a snowspeeder.

Finn and Rey steal a speeder to escape Stormtroopers outside Starkiller Base.

Careening over a snowdrift as Rey struggled to maintain control of the unfamiliar machine, they scattered small local creatures in front of them as they sped toward the containment center. …  “Snow is cold!” Rey squeezed the speeder between a phalanx of willowy alien trees. “It’s the complete opposite of Jakku!” “Try living here,” Finn told her. “There are only two seasons: winter, and dead of winter!” A sudden boom and the speeder’s course wobbled. They’d been hit! Switching systems around like a card sharp dealing on a busy night, Rey succeeded  in maintaining speed. A second shot barely missed them. A glance back showed a second snow speeder in pursuit and closing. Finn realized that the way its driver was shooting, if he got any closer, he could take them out with his next burst. They had to do something, and fast. Rey was skilled at driving, and he was skilled at… “Switch!” he yelled. They made the difficult change only because they had to, with Rey still in control of their vehicle but Finn now in position to accurately return fire. Multiple blasts hit nothing, as Rey slalomed around and between trees while Finn fought to take out their pursuer. Damn driver knew what he was doing, Finn thought with grudging admiration. The man might even have been a former squadron mate. He tried not to think of that as he aimed and got off another burst.  This time his shot struck home, sending the trooper flying. Whether he’d killed him or not Finn didn’t know, but the pursuer’s speeder slammed into the trees and burst into flame. “Got him!”

8. Rey

Rey - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back / Lucasfilm

Has a flashback to The Empire Strikes Back.

Rey’s original Force vision had a scene of Vader cutting off Luke’s hand on Bespin from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. If you listen very carefully you can hear the voices of Luke, Obi-Wan, and Darth Vader.

9. Princess Leia

Princess Leia - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

The New Republic

Leia was supposed to have a conversation with Korr Sella (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) about the corrupt politicians and make a case against the First Order.

As usual, Leia did not waste time on small talk: “You need to go to the Senate right away. Tell them I insist that they take action against the First Order. The longer they bicker and delay, the stronger the Order becomes.” She leaned toward the other woman. “If they fail to take action soon, the Order will have grown so strong the Senate will be unable to do anything. It won’t matter what they think.” Sella indicated her understanding. “With all respect: Do you think the senators will listen?” “I don’t know.” Leia bit down on her lower lip. “So much time has passed. There was a time when they were at least willing to listen. And of course, the Senate’s makeup has changed. Some of those who were always willing to pay attention to me have retired. Some of those who have replaced them have their own agendas.” She smiled ruefully. “Not all senators think I’m crazy. Or maybe they do. I don’t care what they think about me as long as they take action.” The emissary nodded. “I’ll do all I can to ensure the Resistance gets the hearing we deserve. But why don’t you go yourself, General? An appeal of this nature is always more effective when delivered firsthand.” Leia’s smile thinned. “I might make it to the Senate, yes. I might even be able to deliver my speech. But I would never, never get out of the Hosnian system alive. I would have a terrible ‘accident,’ or become the victim of some ‘deranged’ radical. Or I would eat something that didn’t agree with me. Or encounter someone who didn’t agree with me.” She composed herself. “I have total confidence in you, Sella. I know you will deliver our message to the full extent of your considerable abilities.” The emissary smiled back, grateful for the confidence the general was expressing.”

10. Finn

Finn - Deleted Scene

Source: Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Lucasfilm

Hitches A Ride

Finn tries to get a ride to the Nima Outpost.

The speeder was large, battered, and packed with an assortment of scoundrels representing several different species — none of them noted for their compassion. Yelling down at him and making rude gestures, they rocketed on past without so much as slowing down, leaving in their wake only dry dust and derisive laughter. “Thank you!” To the vocal sarcasm he added a mock bow. “Oh, yes, kind fellow travelers, thank you so very much! Thanks a lot!” He continued muttering under his breath, utilizing words and phrases from a half dozen worlds that would have seen him busted in rank had he employed them in the presence of an officer. No need to concern himself with anything like that anymore, he knew. He was no longer a trooper in the service of the First Order. Should he ever again find himself among its adherents, the last thing he would have to worry about was censure for the use of bad language.