Brilliant Examples Of Art On The Human Body

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Sporting body tattoos has been around for very long. Some folks have simple designs, like tear drops, on the arm, shoulder, or face, while others wear portraits of themselves, celebs, friends, or famous people. Still, other designs are highly elaborate, and wow-worthy. Here are 8 awesome tattoos that’ll take your breath away.

Life And Death


Source: pinimg

 The time spent on this full back skull tattoo must have lasted 12 plus hours easily. The most subtle yet incredible part of this tattoo is the whitish shading on the skull in the middle. You can tell that is not her skin color meaning it had to be completely filled in. Ouch. To first glance, it looks like she is a fan of hummingbirds but if you look more closely, its actually a moth (see the antennas), which makes this female seem even more strange (or maybe hot, depending on who you are) than she already did by having such a large tattoo. Sweet ink though.

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